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Posted by on Aug 10, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Is it time that we got really serious about saving the planet – Greenwich escorts

This summer’s heat wave has worried me a great deal and other Greenwich escorts from feel the same way. The weather has been so hot that serious wildfires have started all over the world. A fire in California is the biggest wildfire in the state’s history. In the future, we are likely to see even larger fires which is frighten when you think about it. Imagine if a fire caught hold in a park in London and spread. That could threaten all of London.


What can we do about this situation? The first thing we need to do is to get better and fire security.  It is easy to open the car window and throw out a cigarette but that is the last thing that we should be doing. In seconds that cigarette could set an area of grass alight. Fires being started deliberately is a big problem as well. One of the girls who work for Greenwich escorts is from Yorkshire and they have had several serious fires in that part of the UK this year.


We also need to tidy up after ourselves. People have been spending more time in the parks this summer, but they have been failing to clear up after themselves. When I have gone for my morning jog before I go into Greenwich escorts, the parks and green areas have been looking in an awful states. We clearly need to have recycling bins in the parks, and perhaps it is about time we stopped people from bringing plastics into the parks in the first place.


Should we ditch cars all together? Some areas will still need cars, but I am not sure that we need cars in London. Cars really seem to clog up the place, and you can smell the pollution. I think that we need to have a greater emphasize on public transport. When I first start my shift at Greenwich escorts, I can always get in by public transport. Getting home would mean a taxi, but I think it is about time that all of the taxis became green.


It is kind of scary what is happening. When I think about all of the fires this summer, I really do start to worry. Not all of the girls at Greenwich escorts feel the same way as I do about the environment, but I do know that more and more Londoners are becoming concerned. Have a little think about what you can do for your local environment. It can be something as simple as planting up a window box with plants which can clean the air. I have started to put plants on my terrace, and I have made sure that every window in my home has a window box with air cleaning plants. Is it making a difference? I am not sure but I hope that it does. One thing is for sure, I certainly feel like I am doing something to help out my local environment in Greenwich.

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